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Roy Urrico
Roy Urrico

In addition to his role as Publisher of the Biometric Digest, Roy is the Editor of BANKtech-trends and is President of Bright Ideas Writing Services, which specializes in articles, newsletters, guides, ghostwriting, copywriting, and case studies about financial and business technology. 

Roy is also the editor of the Association for Financial Technology newsletter and has contributed articles to Transaction Trends Magazine, Credit Union Magazine (official publication of CUNA), the Federal Credit Union Magazine (official publication of the NAFCU), Kiosk Business Magazine, and Water Investment Newsletter. 

He served as managing editor for Microbanker’s financial technology newsletters from 1996-2002 and is a versatile writer whose other work includes articles for TV Guide, Satellite Entertainment Guide, DirectGuide, and local business journals and newspapers. He now resides in Lake George, NY with his wife Susan, two college-age children, four cats, and a dog.